Speed up your Wordpress website

November 25th, 2010

Wordpress Speed Up

Wordpress based websites usually have not so big number of internal pages and their audience just on rare occasions is higher than 500-1000 visitors/day. But what if you are going to create large news portal based on Wordpress where is predicted to come 1000+ visitors daily? In this case the world greatest blog CMS may bring you a lot of troubles regularly stucking and making visitors disappointed in the quality of your website.

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Crazy-jumping prices of the SEO world

November 21st, 2010


Based on my SEO experience I can definitely say, that SEO marketplace is one, where several different vendors can offer you the same product for significantly different prices. SEOnies usually buying links or domains at Digitalpoint Forums should know what is that all about.

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Who is the best content provider

July 22nd, 2010

The content is the King – we all know about that. But mostly seonies use very primitive ways to get content for websites they are trying to rank. Somebody writes content by himself, the others try to find content writers on SEO forums or freelance websites.

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Get to index fast: step by step

July 16th, 2010

fast google indexation

One of the most frequently asked questions of newbie SEOnies is how to make their website to get to Google index as soon as possible. Firstly you should understand that there is nothing difficult in getting to index (except of cases when the website you are trying to push has been already banned by Google). So now I`m going to give you step-by-step instruction on how to get to index fast.

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100 dofollow blogs (the list valid on 10-07-2010)

July 10th, 2010

You might already have read my blogpost about 5 effective and fast methods of looking for dofollow blogs. But you see how time consuming this process is. So now I`m going to make your life a little easier and provide you with the list including 100 dofollow blogs. The list is valid on 10-07-2010. Also don`t forget to check my previous PR rated list of dofollow blogs.

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Digg Promotion for your Google rankings and traffic

June 21st, 2010

digg promotion

Digg is the most popular content sharing website at the moment. And if you are the online marketer, it may become very useful tool for getting traffic (I mean the targetted traffic!) and also increase your Google rankings.

So what we need to get profit from Digg? Everything is simple – we need to rank on the first page of Digg for your particular website subject (Is it science, gaming or smth else). Seemingly everything is very simple: we should just obtain as more Diggs as we can and wait for good rankings. But here you must understand that the number of Diggs is not the single factor which Digg is considering when ranking your submissions. It also considers the traffic levels of the story category, user history and user reports. By the way Digg is very skilled with the spam struggle.

Thus if you try to promote your submissions using spam methods, you are very unlikely to get good results. Try to PLAY following Digg rules and you will succeed.

Above I listed several factors, which Digg considers in rankings: Diggs number, category traffic level, user history and user reports. The second factor couldn`t be influenced (you just need to be careful when selecting the category for your submission). The user abuse reports are also smth uncontrolled, but you will have no problem with them if you will not spam and be gentle in communication.

What we can directly control is the submission Diggs number and user history. Firstly you should never Digg your own news. For getting as much Diggs as possible you must offer people really interesting and valuable information (the examples could be found at Digg tops).

To provide yourself with a good user history, you must be very active within Digg. Write comments, Digg news, submit Diggs. BUT you shouldn`t submit just your own websites pages, because it is very unnatural and in this case Digg will mark you as spammer.

So now I hope you`ve got enough information to start your Digg campaign and make it really effective.

Really effective backlinks from blogposts

June 14th, 2010

blogposts buying

Do you buy blogposts to increase the backlinks mass of your website? Actually links from blogposts are very useful for SEO, because firstly they seem natural to the search engine and secondly they are permanent so you don`t need to pay monthly for them.

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Online business – be careful about budget estimation

June 8th, 2010

online business budget

Today I`m going to tell you about the budget estimation for creation of your own online business. What exactly kind of business am I talking about? Any kind: starting the SEO company, selling your own online products, developing the web service and so on – everything that could be called the online business.

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My spinning technique

June 1st, 2010

Spinning Articles

The content is the King – do you agree? And what we need to overrank our competitors is a lot of unique content – thousands and thousands of articles. But have you ever tried to write at least 10 articles (about 500 words per each) for a day? You might know it`s a pretty difficult task. So how can we get those tons of content to overrank all the competitors?

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5 rules to become professional seonie

April 17th, 2010

So did you decide do become the professional seonie? Maybe you should try another job? Ok if you are sure about your choice, here are several rules you should follow to succeed in this profession.

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Ebook marketing

April 10th, 2010

ebook marketing

If you still don`t use ebook marketing for promoting your products online, you should immediately add it to your marketing strategy. Many people search internet for information about products they are going to buy. And electronic books are the best (and most trusted) sources of information for most people. So if your potential customers need books, why don`t you write these books by your own?

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